Custom Drum Tortillas

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Custom Drum Tortillas

from 75.00

We are happy to offer custom Drum Tortillas! Have a design in mind you aren’t seeing on our store? This is for you.

Please note the following before purchasing:

  • We will email you within 3 business days of your purchase to begin discussing options for your design preference. Please include an active email address when purchasing.

  • Expect up to 1 month from date purchased to receive your custom Drum Tortillas.

  • We can make sizes as small as 10”, as large as 18”, and anything in between.


  • I have a fabric I’d love to send in to be made into Drum Tortillas. Can you do that? While we love the thinking behind this idea, there are too many variables that go into the specs of the fabrics we choose and size of fabric we need to work with in order to offer this kind of service. When you purchase custom Drum Tortillas, we will do our best to find a design that fits your criteria that also fits in our specifications needed to make Drum Tortillas with the level of quality we’re proud of.

  • I would like just 1 custom Drum Tortilla. Why is there not an option for that? When we order fabric, there is usually a minimum order quantity. With a minimum of 3 Tortillas, fabric does not go to waste and we can keep the prices for custom orders reasonable.

  • Why do I now have to pay for custom Drum Tortillas before finding the right design? We spend a lot of time searching for just the right fabric for custom order clients. Unfortunately, a large percentage of people interested in custom Drum Tortillas do not follow through. This way, we can be assured that you are serious about your interest in custom Drum Tortillas.

  • What kind of designs are possible? Check out our archives to see all the designs we’ve done in the past (there’s quite a few) to get a good sense of what’s possible.

  • Can I do a custom order for a design that you’ve done in the past? Sometimes. Some designs are no longer available. If not available, we’ll be happy to find something similar.

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